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Micheal Blast

Michael Blast - Vacay

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    Getting onto the Vacay is like stepping back into the 1970s, it’s a complete throwback to the era of “flower power” when the Cruiser style motorcycles were most popular. The era of bell-bottoms, disco balls, and butterfly collars. Vacay’s leather holster for the battery has been specifically designed to draw the eye to the beauty of the bike and away from the battery and controller, which are hidden away in the custom-designed, leather holster. Our eye-catching masterpiece is guaranteed to have your friends drooling with envy, while you effortlessly cruise those sandy beaches in comfort and style. Swept back handlebars and an easy-to-remove battery means it has never been easier to "Disconnect to Reconnect".

    • Powerful 500W BAFANG rear Motor to tackle steep hills
    • Large capacity 48V Samsung Lithium-Ion batteries for long-range
    • Extra Large Retro motorcycle LED lamp to light up your way in style
    • Adjustable stem to seat in an upright position Whisper smooth intelligent cadence sensor
    • Features easy to use thumb throttle
    • PAS - Pedal Assist System allows for a more intuitive riding experience
    • Fully decked out with fenders and a chainguard


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